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The Benefits of Maintenance Management

Datten-Tek is FREE for Dock Technik Customers! We want your equipment to be safe, realiable and ready for use!

Dock Technik's Datten Tek CSP CMMS offers a range of benefits that aren’t available when using other maintenance tracking processes. The centralized nature of a Datten Tek and the automation it provides unprecedented efficiencies in scheduling, record keeping, data collection and management, and overall productivity. These include:

  1. Increased reliability — With Datten-Tek (CSP), you no longer need to keep track of preventive maintenance schedules by memory or by ad hoc record keeping. The Datten-Tek (CSP) system schedules the maintenance on a recurring basis and helps you ensure that the proper resources are available when needed – so maintenance PMs occur when they should.

  2. Work request processing — Datten-Tek (CSP) can enable a work request portal that allows your maintenance manager and their team to receive and process maintenance requests 24/7, even when they are occupied with other jobs.

  3. Simplified record keeping — Datten-Tesk (CSP) simplifies the management process of your loading bay systems and assets, you’ll be able to easily track work orders and asset status. Maintenance and repair tracking via Datten-Tek (CSP) also simplifies the record keeping process for compliance audits, keeping these critical materials in one, easily accessible place.

  4. Facilitating predictive maintenance through data collection — Datten-Tek (CSP) collects data about maintenance, repairs and components. This practice is optimized by data-driven manufacturers because it alerts maintenance teams to impending issues before they occur. The result is less unplanned downtime and maintenance that addresses actual issues instead of simply occurring on a set schedule, whether or not it’s required.

  5. Reduced repair costs — The benefits of Datten-Tek (CSP) enable a more effective maintenance practice for your equipment. This means fewer breakdowns, more time between repairs, a lower likelihood of major equipment or component malfunctions, and longer overall life for machines — all of which add up to less-expensive repair costs.

  6. Reduced downtime — Ensuring that maintenance occurs when it should, using data to help ensure productive, efficient maintenance tasking and scheduling and assuring that the right personnel and parts are available at the right time. Datten-Tek (CSP) reduces downtime for your equipment.

  7. Increased safety and reduced risk — Equipment in disrepair is dangerous, posing a higher risk to the safety of operators and other staff. Datten-Tek (CSP) mitigates risk and increases operator safety by confirming that equipment operates within acceptable boundaries and that all safety features and components are operational. Datten-Tek (CSP) is a key tool for effective work permit management, risk management, safety procedure management, legislative compliance and more.

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