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The Benefits of Maintenance Management

Datten-Tek is FREE for Dock Technik Customers! We want your equipment to be safe, realiable and ready for use!

Dock Technik's Datten Tek CSP CMMS offers a range of benefits that aren’t available when using other maintenance tracking processes. The centralized nature of a Datten Tek and the automation it provides unprecedented efficiencies in scheduling, record keeping, data collection and management, and overall productivity. These include:

  1. Increased reliability — With Datten-Tek (CSP), you no longer need to keep track of preventive maintenance schedules by memory or by ad hoc record keeping. The Datten-Tek (CSP) system schedules the maintenance on a recurring basis and helps you ensure that the proper resources are available when needed – so maintenance PMs occur when they should.

  2. Work request processing — Datten-Tek (CSP) can enable a work request portal that allows your maintenance manager and their team to receive and process maintenance requests 24/7, even when they are occupied with other jobs.

  3. Simplified record keeping — Datten-Tesk (CSP) simplifies the management process of your loading bay systems and assets, you’ll be able to easily track work orders and asset status. Maintenance and repair tracking via Datten-Tek (CSP) also simplifies the record keeping process for compliance audits, keeping these critical materials in one, easily accessible place.