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DockTechnik offer a range of Loading Bay Dock Levellers including the Telescopic Lip Dock Levellers. Our Services include Telescopic Lip Dock Levellers Service, Repairs Sales and Design. 




Product Description

The Stertil Combilik is reliable, durable and  safe in its application as a vehicle restraint system. The Stertil Combilok  vehicle restraint system comes with integrated wheel guides as standard. The Stertil Combilok limits all risks and offers many unique safety benefits. Lower or higher wheel blocks are also available, this makes the Stertil Combilol vehicle restraints an extremely versatile solution. 

Product Detail


Various options and benefits are available are available:- 

  • Prevent damage to vehicles

  • Most Reliable Technology

  • Increased safety thanks to integrated controls

  • Easy Installation

  • Acoustic and Optical signals

Stertil Combilok

Benefits of Stertil Combilok

  1. With risk of damage or accidents during loading and unloading activities increases significantly as a result of tight time constraints. The communication between warehouse staff and drivers in their cabs often leaves a lot to be desired. This can result in accidents - loading bays can benefit from vehcile restraint systems such as the Stertil Combilok.

  2. Prematurely driving away from the dock while the truck is still being loaded or unloaded or vehicle “creeping” is not uncommon. The Stertil Combilok can prevent these risks on the work floor.

  3. More reliable, durable, safer and intelligent than any other system. The unique Stertil Combilok vehicle restraint system with integrated wheel guides limits all risks and offers many unique safety benefits.

Operational Options

  • Lower or higher wheel block

  • Safety circuit with leveller and/or dock door

  • Inside traffic light for signalling purposes

  • External installation of the hydraulic unit

  • Special execution to block swap bodies


  1. Incoming Vehicle – The Stertil Combilok wheel guides ensure that the reversing vehicle is correctly aligned Infront of the loading dock.

  2. Once the operator has enabled the Stertil Combilok a sensor within the unit automatically detects  the rear wheel of the vehicle.

  3. The Stertil Combilok restraint extends automatically.

  4. The Stertil Combilok wheel chock engages and applied 50 bar firmly against the when ensuring the vehicle is locked in its position and cannot move.

  5. Once the loading process is complete at the touch of a button the process in stages 1-4 is reversed. 

  6. Once the wheel chock has returned it in starting position the green light will illuminate to identify to the driver that it is safe to move.

Stertil COMBILOK Vehicle Restraint System 2.jpg
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