A dock bumper prevents your building and vehicles from getting damaged. Dock bumpers fasten to the building wall either side of the dock leveller. Dock Technik offer an extensive range of rubber dock buffers, nylon dock buffers, protection plates and associated dock plates.





loading bay dock buffers


Product Description


The loading bay dock buffer is crucial in preventing accidental damage to the loading bay and building, dock buffers are designed to absorb the impact of the vehicle when reversing onto the loading bay. When choosing the right correct dock buffer there are many variants to consider:


  • Vehicle size and vehicle buffer

  • Loading bay dock height 

  • Loading Bay lip length 

  • Yard slope in relation to the loading bay

  • Dock Buffer fixing detail 


With the above loading bay details Dock Technik can confirm the best dock buffer arrangement to best absorb the kinetic energy of the reversing vehicle onto the loading bay. Having a correct dock buffer arrangement will result in less repairs to the loading bay, the building and the dock buffers themselves but it will also assist the vehicle docking correctly onto the loading bay.  

Product Detail


● Loading bay dock buffers are available in varying sizes and materials (see rubber dock buffers, nylon dock buffers)

● Dock buffers have various options including  fixed, sliding or spring-loaded.

● Above dock option with gusset support for containers

For further information or quote on dock buffers please contact our sales team,by calling or completing an online enquiry form. 

Installation of loading bay dock buffers

Loading Bay Dock bumpers protect your building and vehicles from getting damaged. Dock bumpers are fixed to the building either side of the dock leveller to maximise protection. 

Various materials and sizes are available to suit all loading bay requirements.