DockTechnik offer a range of loading bay Safety Systems. Our range includes Loading bay vehicle restraint systems, Loading Bay Traffic Lights, Loading Bay signage. Loading Bay Safety Systems Repairs, Loading Bay Safety Systems Service, Loading Bay Safety Sales and Design. 

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Product Description

The traffic light on the loading bay is the standard protection to help prevent a vehicle prematurely leaving the bay whilst the loading/unloading process is ongoing. Though the traffic light is a good starting point it is still open to human error and a vehicle could still leave the bay with prematurely with catastrophic consequences.


At Dock Technik we offer a range of vehicle restraint systems that trap the vehicle on the loading bay whilst the loading/unloading process is carried out, only when this process is complete and it is completely safe is the vehicle freed to leave. These systems have the added benefit of not allowing the loading bay door to be opened unless a vehicle is parked on the bay, this can otherwise pose a significant risk to warehouse staff falling out of the bay and energy loss as the bay will not be sealed without a vehicle on it.


Product Detail

  • Protection from a vehicle leaving the bay prematurely

  • Does not allow the loading bay door to be opened without a vehicle

  • Various products to suit different requirements and budgets