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Dock Technik offer a full range of loading bay solutions and products  including Service, Repair & Call Out, Design and Installation and a range of products including Industrial DoorsDock Levellers, Dock Shelters, Scissor Lifting Tables, Load Houses, Dock Buffers, Wheel alignment guides, Loading Bay Lighting, PVC Strip Curtains, Loading Bay Pest Proofing, Loading Bay Safety & associated accessories and equipment.  View the gallery below to see some of our recent projects and products. For further information any any of the items or services we offer please contact us. 



Loading Bay Dock Shelters

Dock Technik offer a range of dock shelters including the retractable dock shelter, the inflatable dock shelter and the dock cushion seal dock shelter. View our range of products below. 

Loading bay Dock Levellers

Within our Loading Bay Dock leveller product range we offer Dock levellers with a Swing Lip configuration or Telescopic lip configuration.

Dock Buffers

At Dock Technik we have a range of dock buffer materials including Heavy Duty Rubber Buffers, Yellow Nylon Plastic Buffers and Steel Cover Plates that can cap the Rubber Buffers. Our Rubber Dock Buffers and Nylon Dock Buffers can be installed in a variety of styles including onto fixed dock buffer plates, sliding housing or sprung loaded buffer plates.

Load Houses

The Dock Technik Load houses are free-standing structure  installed on the external face of a building to enable efficient, effective loading and unloading. Once the load house has been fitted with a dock shelter, dock leveller, sectional overhead door and optional accessories the structure provides an effective loading bay.

Industrial Doors

Our Range includesFast Action Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, Steel Doors and Roller Shutter Doors. 

Loading Bay Accessories

This range includes Wheel alignment guides, Loading Bay Lighting, PVC Strip Curtains, Loading Bay Pest Proofing, Loading Bay Safety amongst other items.