DockTechnik offer a range of Loading Bay Scissor Lifting Tables. Our range includes Loading Bay Lifting Tables, Goods Lifting Tables, Scissor Lifting Tables Repairs, Scissor Lifting Tables Service, Scissor Lifting Tables Sales and Design. 

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Loading Bay Lifting Table


The Dock Technik loading bay lifting table is a bespoke design for each customer and with our expertise we can adapt our lift to make it the perfect solution for:


  1. Unloading/Loading without a raised dock 

  2. Wide ranging vehicle heights including double deck vehicles

  3. Handling a variety of goods including roll cages and pallets

  4. Complex loading/unloading scenarios

Goods Lifting Table

The Dock Technik goods lifting table comes in standard sizes or as a bespoke design and is the perfect solution for the safe movement of stock between floors. With our expertise we can adapt our lift to be the best size, shape and profile to maximise the benefits to your business.