Within our Loading Bay Dock leveller product range we offer Dock levellers with a Swing Lip configuration or Telescopic lip configuration. Dock Technik Dock levellers are engineered solutions designed to compensate for the height variance in height between the unloading vehicle and the unloading platform within the loading bay. Dock levellers provide functionality so that a load can be transferred in a safe manner in a single horizontal movement. Our dock levellers comply with BS EN 1398 which specifies the safety requirements for design, construction, installation, maintenance and testing of dock levellers and for safety components on dock levellers.

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Dock Technik Product range offers

  • Offer full service and repair on loading bay dock leveller and associated equipment.

  • Fast turn around on stocked standard loading bay dock levellers.

  • All Dock Levellers Are Designed And Built To EN 1398

  • Dock levellr - Safe and efficient Installation 

  • Dock Technik offer bespoke manufacture. Our surveyors will take care of producing your specification.

  • Various dock leveller mounting options are available. Free standing, Pit Mounted, Suspended, Cast In.


Options available:

  • Various mounting options

  • Selection of colours

  • Hot dip galvanised finish of the dock leveller

  • Dock leveller tapered lip 

  • Range of capacity

  • Safety features – emergency stops

  • Acoustic (low noise) dock leveller deck treatment

  • Anti slip surfacing

  • Insulated decks

  • Suspended / Cast-in-type / Standard Pit Mount

  • Insulated decks

  • Advanced dock leveller controls.

Swing lip loading bay dock leveller .


Swing Lip Dock Leveller

The Dock Technik swing lip dock leveller is the perfect design for various applications within loading bays. The Swing Lip Dock Leveller compensates for differing levels between the loading bay and unloading vehicle. The Swing Lip Dock Levellerbed raises upon activation and when It reaches its set point point the lip folds out, it Is then lowered onto the back of the vehicle to form a solid bridge between building and vehicle to begin loading/unloading. The Swing Lip Dock Leveller is manufactured to a high specification for reliability and the electro/hydraulic system is engineered with regular use in a demanding environment in mind.

Telescopic Lip Dock Leveller

The varying heights of trucks and loading bays give dock levellers a vital role in loading and unloading vehicles, the Dock Technik telescopic lip dock leveller is our most adaptable dock levellers. The longer and fully controllable lip allows for greater reach and operating range which is particularly useful with containers. The bed of the platform can be raised/lowered to the correct position and the lip can be moved in or out, this precise movement will ensure the perfect bridge from vehicle to dock is created. The structure is manufactured to a high specification for reliability and the electro/hydraulic system is engineered for regular use in tough enviroments.