Dock Technik offer a range of loading bay Lighting. Our range includes Loading Bay Traffic Lights and Loading Bay Dock Lights. Dock Technik also offer Loading Bay Lighting Service, Repairs, Sales and Design. 


Loading Bay Traffic Light

The Dock Technik loading bay traffic light has a key function in stopping drive always during the loading process. Best practice ensures light is interlocked to the loading bay door. The loading bay traffic ligh will illuminate green when the door is closed and red when the door is open giving operative visual indication of operational practice. The Dock Technik ultra bright LED traffic light emits a prominent light whilst offering upto 85% energy reduction vs that other loading bay traffic lights.


Loading bay Dock Light

The loading bay dock light provides trailer lighting during the loading/unloading process. The Loading Bay Dock Light is important in keeping workers safe. Dock Technik dock light can enhance energy efficiency, productivity and safety. Our dock light is of a durable, robust Design.  The loading bay dock light has a spring arm feature to protect the light from overhead door and fork truck impact. The loading bay dock light can be an independent standalone unit or interlocked to an existing system to illuminate automatically when the loading bay door is opened.