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Dock Technik offer a range of Fire Door Services. Our Services include Fire Door Surveys, Fire Door Surveys, Fire Door Remedial Schedules, Fire Door Repairs, Fire Door Installation & Fire Door Sales. 

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Product Description

Dock Technik offer a comprehensive door solution including  Fire Door Inspectors and Fire Door surveys. Our Fire door inspectiors are fully FDIS accredited to undertake a range of Fire Door inspections, Fire Door surveys and provide Fire Door certifications. Dock Technik regularly undertake Fire Door inspections in commercial buildings, Industrial Buildings hospitals, high-rise residential buildings, office blocks, university campuses and student halls of residence with the aim of keeping occupants safe by helping to prevent fires spreading.

Our  Fire Door experts check a range of things, including:

  • Does the Fire Door have the correct fire rating for its location

  • Is the Fire Door fitted properly, without the type of gaps that can damage the building’s fire compartmentation.

  • Ensuring the Fire Door is not damaged in a way that would impair the Fire Doors performance in the event of a fire.

  • Confirming the Fire Door has the right fire door hardware and closers, and that the Fire Doors function correctly

  • Checking the Fire Doors installed have the right intumescent strips

  • Checking if the Fire Door is identified on both the fire door signage and in the building’s asset register

  • Where the Fire Door has glazing, confirming if the glazing is appropriate for the Fire Door installation and ensuring that the glazing is fitted correctly to the Fire Door. 

When our Fire Door Surveyors have inspected your Fire Doors you will be provided with a comprihensive report describing each fire door’s condition and highlighting any necessary remedial work on each fire door set. Where Fire Doors are found to be non-compliant, we can also supply a detailed quote for the work required to rectify the Fire Door defects

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