Dock Technik UK Dock Bumper / Dock Buffer Stock

Updated: Nov 13

Getting the Most from Your Loading Bay Dock Buffers

The dock buffer or dock bumper is essential in protecting the dock face and loading bay equipment from impact damage when vehicles reverse onto the loading bay. Having the correct size, style and material dock buffers that are compatible with your fleet will ensure the longevity of the buffers and the HGV buffers on the vehicle itself. At Dock Technik we have a range of dock buffer materials including Heavy Duty Rubber Buffers, Yellow Nylon Plastic Buffers and Steel Cover Plates that can cap the Rubber Buffers. Our Rubber Dock Buffers and Nylon Dock Buffers can be installed in a variety of styles including onto fixed dock buffer plates, sliding housing or sprung loaded buffer plates.

At Dock Technik we can survey your site and tailor the Loading Bay Buffer arrangement to best suit your requirements but there are other steps that can be taken to increase the life-span of your