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Dock Leveller Service - Winter Months

At Dock Technik safety is at the core of what we do. We want to make the loading process as possible for all involved. Our Trained engineers (Dockters) are available 24/7/365 across the United Kingdom supporting you with an industry leading complete loading bay service and the supply of replacement parts. Dock Technik are Loading Bay Industry Experts. This article will cover the importance of proper dock leveller service work during winter months.

When it comes to loading bay and dock leveller safety, is is important to understand the environment and conditions in with the loading bay and its components are operating in to ensure the process is as safe as possible during the loading process. Each season presents different challenges to create a safe and efficient operation of your loading bays and dock levellers. Its important to ensure that your loading bay and dock levellers winter ready. There are many hazards during winter including frost, snow, ice and wet weather conditions combined with shorter days and less daylight these conditions provide additional hazards during the loading process.

Dock Technik recommend that warehouse management teams undertake a loading bay risk assessment to highlight potential hazards that could occur. As part of this winter risk assessment mitigating factors can identified and implemented. The measures implemented will ensure you are ready for the challenges of winter and your operation staff and visitors have the best possible change of staying safe.

We advise that particular attention is given to your dock leveller and this is process critical in terms of the unloading process. There are some key elements to consider.

Dock Leveller - Winter Service Inspection

Schedule a winter dervice by contacting the Dock Technik service team on 08000 047 8771 or

Our trained service technicians (Dockters) will attend site and complete a routine service and highlight and issued that could arrive during winter. Key elements such as functionality and safety will be checked during the visit with particular attention to the oil. We recommend oil replacement inline with manufacture recommendations, it is important to look for any signs of moisture in the oil (oil has a cloudy/milky appearance when moisture is present).

Issue of winter PPE

Ensure staff have the correct PPE for the winter months. PPE includes specially insulated and waterproof gear as well as standard winter wear. It is also important to ensure that staff have footware that complies with Brittish Standards and is fit for purpose, this will ensure good grip on the dock leveller deck plate. When work in frigid temperatures cannot be avoided, the following guidelines can keep workers safe and warm. A good winter hat should cover the head and ears.

Gritting Arrangements & Snow Clearance

Gritting and snow clearance teams are ready to swing into action at any time, day or night, and once we are notified of potential frost, ice or snow they will be out gritting before the bad weather arrives. Its important to have your gritting and snow clearance arrangements in place - typically gritting and snow clearance companies get very busy during the winter season. At site level ensure operative have the required tooling to deliver the function identified.

Ensure Lighting is adequate

Review your lighting including building lighting, loading bay lighting, external lighting. If required look to upgrade. Lighting solutions can significantly improve warehouse function; ensuring that all dark areas are better illuminated, ensuring all stakeholders can identify hazards.

Dock Technik offer a range of loading bay lighting to support you through the winter period.


Adequate trailer lighting during the loading/unloading process is important in keeping workers safe. Our Dock Teknik dock light can enhance productivity, safety and energy efficiency at your loading bay. Our dock light is robust and durable, making it perfect for the loading bay environment with the additional spring arm feature to help protect the light from overhead door and fork truck impact.

The light can be an independent standalone unit or interlocked to an existing system to illuminate automatically when the loading bay door is opened.


The loading bay traffic light plays a vital role in preventing accidental drive always during the loading process. For best practice the light is interlocked to the loading bay door so it illuminates green when the door is closed and red when the door is open. The Dock Technik ultra bright LED traffic light ensures the light can be seen at all times whilst also being up to 85% more energy efficient that other traffic lights.

Limiting Risks of slips, trips and falls.

Making sure that all loading ramps, docks and platforms are safe to use during the winter months is an essential measure that helps keep loading teams working safely all year round. Make sure your route ahead is clear of hazards such as rocks, clumps of snow, or a stray branch. Walk slowly and take small steps. Walking slowly and taking small steps will help you maintain your balance. Wear footwear that has slip-resistant soles.

Surface Grip - Check the underfoot surface of all ramps and platforms, as hazard potential for worn or ineffective floor coatings. Antislip grit surfaces could be considered as a further anti-slip measure if appropriate, and can be retrofitted too, or replaced if necessary.

Hand Rails / Toe Boards - Review handrail function and toe boards if in place. Platform handrails are a safety addition that can be effectively ‘retro-fitted’ by the Dock Technik.

To ensure the maximum long term efficiency and reliability of a loading system it is important that it is maintained in accordance with recommendations. Dock Technik offer a variety of service plan options tailored to individual requirements.

Dock Technik expert surveyors are able to assist you with creating a winter risk assessment, could our office and talk to the service team on 0800 047 8771. We also offer a FREE risk assessment document to all customer because we want you to stay safe.

We also have a extensive team of Service Engineers nationwide who can ensure you loading bay systems are available when required and running to their optimum performance. Our service customers also benefit from the industry leading maintenance management system - Datten-Tek CSP (Customer Service Portal), we take care of managing job reprots and asset data so that customers can concentrate on their core business. (

Dock Technik Your Trusted Service Partner. Contact our Service Team now to discuss your requirements.

Tel - 0800 047 8771

Our sales, service and installation team are able to cover nationwide including key cities such as Birmingham, Bath, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chester, Chelmsford, Chichester, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Kingston upon Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Swansea, Nottingham, Cardiff, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Ripon, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southampton, St Albans, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Truro,Wakefield, Wells, Westminster, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York

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