CHAS ELITE Health and Safety Accreditation

Updated: Nov 13

Dock Technik have been awarded CHAS ELITE Health and Safety accreditation. Based around the Common Assessment Standard which is the most comprehensive accreditation programme CHAS offer, covering key areas of risk management including and building on areas assessed under the PAS 91. By covering many different aspects of risk management, the Common Assessment Standard can reduce risk across the whole supply chain.

Dock Technik are the leading supplier of loading bay services and systems in the UK. Dock Technik believe loading bay equipment is essential to the effective, efficient and safe handling of goods.

Dock Technik offer a full range of loading bay solutions and products including Service, Repair & Call Out, Design and Installation and a range of loading bay products and services including Industrial Doors, Dock Levellers, Dock Shelters, Scissor Lifting Tables, Load Houses<