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Dock Technik - Inflatable Dock Shelter Experts

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The Dock Technik Inflatable Dock Shelter and Daily Checks

Our Dock Technik inflatable dock shelter provides the best seal of all our dock shelter range but only if it is the correct size for the range of vehicles using the bay. It is very important that a dock shelter expert assesses your bays and fleet before determining what size dock shelter to use. The inflatable dock shelter has insulation at its core with its insulated side and roof panels that create the dock shelter frame, the dock shelter airbags are then installed onto the side and roof panels of the dock shelter frame.

If the dock shelter has not been designed to suit the vehicle range then a vehicle too large will risk damage to the dock shelter insulated panel frame or the dock shelter airbags themselves and this can occur when they are inflated or deflated. If the vehicle is too small for the dock shelter then the dock shelter inflatable airbags will not meet the vehicle and this will create an unsealed space which can result in loss of energy, product damage/contamination, water ingress or even vermin infiltration.

Assuming the inflatable dock shelter has been designed to meet the vehicle fleet, the dock shelter motor will inflate and the dock shelter airbags will meet the vehicle sides and roof to form a seal that the retractable dock shelter and fixed frame dock shelter are not capable of providing. The dock shelter motor will keep the dock shelter airbags inflated for the full duration of the loading/unloading process to offer protection for the full loading/unloading process. Once the loading/unloading process has been complete the dock shelter motor will be turned off and the dock shelter airbags will begin to deflate. To aid the dock shelter airbags deflating there is a dock shelter counterbalance weight system, when the dock shelter is inflated the dock shelter motor produces enough pressure to raise the weights, as soon as the dock shelter motor is turned off then gravity pulls the weights back to their resting place and these help deflate and retract the dock shelter airbags. Ensuring the dock shelter airbags are fully deflated and retracted is imperative as when the vehicle drives off the dock shelter an exposed dock dock shelter can be ripped or torn. Dock Technik recommend a daily maintenance/operational check of each dock shelter system to confirm that all dock shelter weight systems are working and the dock shelter airbags are fully inflating/deflating. This will result in any dock shelter issues being picked up early before any damage is too severe, some small dock shelter airbag rips and tears can be repaired but once they are too big a replacement dock shelter airbag will be required.

For more information on the Dock Technik dock shelter range or a free survey, please contact us on 0800 047 8771 or

Dock Technik also supply, install and repair Dock Levellers, sectional doors, roller shutter doors, retractable dock shelter, fixed frame dock shelter, cushion seals, dock buffers, scissor lifting tables amongst other loading bay products.

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