Loading Bay Dock Shelter Checks for the Warmer Weather

Updated: Nov 13

Loading Bay Dock Shelter Checks in Time for the Warmer Weather

With summer on its way and rising temperatures with it, the effects this could have on your business through an unprotected loading bay should be considered. Unshielded products and regular influxes of warm air into the building are just two of issues that can arise during this time. A dock shelter can help safeguard against these issues by creating an effective seal between building and vehicle for a regulated transition of products, if you don’t currently have a loading bay dock shelter and would like a consultation, please contact us on 0800 047 8771 or

If you have an existing dock shelter it is important to carry out functionality checks to ensure the dock shelter is good condition and providing the seal it is designed for.

Some of the checks that should be carried out are as follows:

Retractable Dock Shelter

• Check the dock shelter frame condition and that it retracts as it is design to

• Check the condition of the dock shelter front curtains

• Check the condition of the dock shelter head curtain