Loading Bay Winter Preparation

At Dock Technik safety is at the core of what we do. We want to make the loading process as possible for all involved. Our Trained engineers are available 24/7/365 across the United Kingdom supporting you with an industry leading complete loading bay service and the supply of replacement parts.

When it comes to loading bay safety, is is important to understand the enviroment and conditions in with the loading bay and its components are operating in (for example dock shelters, dock levellers, dock bumpers, wheel alignment guides, dock lights, dock traffic lights) . Each season presents different challenges to safe and effective operation of your loading bays. Its important to ensure that your loading bay is ready for winter! There are many hazards during winter including frost, snow, ice and wet weather conditions combine with shorter days and longer nights this creates loading practice challenges for any warehouse or loading bay.

Dock Technik recommend that warehouse management teams undertake a loading bay risk assessment to highlight potential hazards that could occur. As part of this winter risk assessment mitigating factors can identified and implemented. The measures implemented will ensure you are ready for the challenges of winter and your operation staff and visitors have the best possible change of staying safe.