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The Dock Technik Swing Lip Dock Leveller

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Our swing lip dock leveller is one of our core products, with its versatility on the loading bay it provides a dynamic and easy to use way of loading and unloading vehicles. Our swing lip dock leveller is electro-hydraulic and can be bespoke size to suit a customers needs, this can be for a replacement or a new loading bay.

Our swing lip dock leveller has a dual hydraulic ram system connected to a 3 phase dock leveller pump unit and a dock leveller control panel. With a single operating button the lifting ram is activated and the dock leveller raises to its highest point where the dock leveller lip ram is activated and the lip then folds out, the button can then be released and the dock leveller will fall in a controlled descent until it finds the back of the vehicle. Once on the back of a vehicle the safe transfer of goods onto or off the vehicle can take place using the prescribed method e.g forklift, pallet truck etc. To retract the dock leveller the same button is pressed and the lip folds back in whilst the bed raises, once clear of its parking position and with the dock leveller lip folded back in, the button can be released and it will safely return to its stowed position. Our dock leveller comes in a range of capacities with the standard being 60K/n however this can be increased to suit needs and loads.

The swing lip dock leveller single piece lip design has a chamfered leading edge that rests on the bed of the vehicle, this is to aid the smooth transfer of goods in/out of the vehicle that is being loaded. The capabilities of the swing lip dock leveller are in its operating range, this will alter depending on the length of the dock leveller, length of the dock leveller lip and the loading dock height that the dock leveller is installed at. On sites where there are multiple vehicle heights using the bays such as refrigerated vehicles and containers, the dock leveller will need to be designed to encompass the varying heights within its operating range. Using a dock leveller beyond its parameters or forcing it beyond its parameters could damage the dock leveller but could also mean that the slope is beyond the permissible gradient allowed by the regulations. If you are considering a new or replacement dock leveller or require any further information about of dock leveller and would like to speak to one of our sales team then please contact us on 08000478771

At Dock Technik we can also provide a free survey of your dock levellers and other loading bay products on site to ensure they are suitable for the vehicles that you are receiving.

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