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Review Dock Cushion Seal

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As part of our dock shelter range we offer the dock cushion seal, the dock cushion seal is a completely different design to the standard retractable dock shelter, fixed frame dock shelter or inflatable dock shelter and therefore offers something different.

Our Dock Technik dock cushion seal (also known as a Foam Dock Seal) is manufactured using medium density foam enclosed in black PVC that is reinforced with nylon. The foam at the core is also fire resistant to ensure the loading bay is protected in the event of a fire in or around the dock leveller and dock shelter. The dock seal is either manufactured with a plain face or tear resistant armour wear pleats to improve the durability of the dock shelter, this front face will include a yellow parking guide to aid the vehicle reversing onto the loading bay. The parking guide on the dock shelter is important as if a vehicle does not reverse correctly onto the loading bay it can da

mage the dock shelter, dock buffers or even the building and it can also create further hazards when using the dock leveller.

When the vehicle reverses onto the loading bay, the design of the dock cushion seal is for the cushion to compress as the vehicle makes contact, the loading bay dock buffers should protect the dock cushion seal from over compressing against the wall and risking damage. The vehicle should stop and park with the dock cushion seal compressed, this will ensure the dock cushion seal can do its job as a dock shelter during the loading/unloading process. When the vehicle is on the bay there will be some movement that the dock shelter cushion seal is designed to tolerate but in order to do this it will need to have been adequately fixed during the installation process. All types of dock shelters are the same in that their installation fixing must be carefully considered for the dock shelter not to be easily pulled off the building if the wrong vehicle uses the bay. With the Dock Technik dock cushion seal there are two installation options, the first is a timber backed seal that fixes directly to building and the second is a Velcro dock cushion seal and fixing tray. We recommend the dock shelter cushion seal to be installed with the velcro fixing tray as in the event of the wrong vehicle using the bay and the dock cushion seal being pulled it will give way at its tolerance so it won’t be damaged, it can then be re-fitted just by offering the velcro backed seal back up to the fixing tray.

Once a vehicle is correctly docked on a dock cushion seal dock shelter the seal formed will protect the loading bay, products and staff from the elements as well as offering good thermal properties making it suitable for a temperature-controlled facility. For these reasons the dock cushion seal can be a great dock shelter however it is vital that the vehicle fleet are very similar in size and an experienced dock shelter surveyor should assess the suitability of the dock cushion seal before it is installed.

To enquire about prices or to further discuss our dock shelters please contact Dock Technik on 0800 047 8771 or

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