Review Dock Cushion Seal

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

As part of our dock shelter range we offer the dock cushion seal, the dock cushion seal is a completely different design to the standard retractable dock shelter, fixed frame dock shelter or inflatable dock shelter and therefore offers something different.

Our Dock Technik dock cushion seal (also known as a Foam Dock Seal) is manufactured using medium density foam enclosed in black PVC that is reinforced with nylon. The foam at the core is also fire resistant to ensure the loading bay is protected in the event of a fire in or around the dock leveller and dock shelter. The dock seal is either manufactured with a plain face or tear resistant armour wear pleats to improve the durability of the dock shelter, this front face will include a yellow parking guide to aid the vehicle reversing onto the loading bay. The parking guide on the dock shelter is important as if a vehicle does not reverse correctly onto the loading bay it can da

mage the dock shelter, dock buffers or even the building and it can also create further hazards when using the dock leveller.