Which Dock Shelter to Choose?

Having a dock shelter installed on a loading bay can be a vital tool to help maintain energy efficiency and protect product during the loading/unloading process. To ensure you get the maximum benefits, it is important to choose the correct type of dock shelter for your loading bay and we are going to explore the three different options that Dock Technik offer.

The Retractable Dock Shelter

The Dock Technik retractable dock shelter is the most versatile dock shelter we offer as it can cater for a wide range of vehicles. It is extremely robust and durable, with its galvanized steel frame and cantilever arms it has been designed to compress in the event of accidental impact. The front and head curtains are manufactured using nylon reinforced PVC with the option of a parking guide to aid vehicle alignment onto the loading bay. The front and head curtain are flashed with aluminium and the roof and sides are completed in a heavy duty, waterproof PVC. The retractable dock shelter can suit a wide range of applications but is best suited to Ambient Warehouses where temperature control is not paramount and there is wide range of vehicle types.

The Dock Cushion Seal

The Dock Technik dock cushion seal is capable of providing an extremely impressive seal if tailored perfectly to the vehicles on site. The dock cushion seal has a foam filled PVC case with timber backing and when a vehicle reverses onto the bay it impacts the dock cushion seal and the internal foam compresses to form a seal around the vehicle. The external face of the seal is designed with wear pleats for added protection and a parking guide to aid vehicl