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Dock Cushion Seal Replacement!

Our Technicians were going above and beyond to keep the food chain moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. After successfully mobilising a team on site during the bank holiday weekend, a food factory's loading bays were refurbished to improve safety and efficiency.

We have extensive experience within the loading bay industry. Our skill set enables us to, install, service and repair Loading Bay Equipment.

Dock Technik offer a unique one stop shop for loading systems products and solutions throughout the United Kingdom - 24/7.

We also offer a range of ancillary products to enhance the safety of your loading bay consisting of Dock Buffers, Wheel Alignment Guides, LED Traffic Lights and LED Dock Lights.

The Dock Technik Dock Cushion Seals have a foam filled PVC case with timber backing. When the vehicle reverses onto the bay of the loading bay dock it impacts the dock cushion seal and the internal foam compresses to form a seal around the vehicle. The external face of the seal is designed with wear pleats for added protection and a parking guide to aid vehicle alignment on the loading bay. Our Dock Cushion Seal is best suited to a site with a dedicated fleet with the same size vehicle, but it can be supplied with an adjustable head cushion for different height vehicles.

Dock Cushion Seals are designed with integrated drainage to prevent water ingress onto product during loading. Dock Technik offer various fixing techniques of fixing the dock cushion seals to the loading bay. This includes using mounting brackets or industrial grade Velcro fasteners.

Contact the Dock Technik team with your requirements who can review your loading dock and identify an effective solution.

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